Tonoport V - Ambulatory Blood Pressure System

Tonoport V

A polished concept

Up-to-date clinical and practical discoveries ensure that the information you need is available to you – naturally in an instrument that embodies the state of the art.

Tonoport V Technical Specifications (PDF)  
Efficient performance for better diagnosis

TONOPORT V is equipped with a number of helpful tools and additional features. When an event occurs, the patient is able to trigger a manual measurement. Of course, this measurement is marked as a manual measurement in the report.

The instrument can be changed as needed from the day to the night phase, and vice versa, independently from the selected measuring protocol. This greatly enhances the patient’s wearing comfort and the quality of the analysis.

TONOPORT V is an integrated component of the multi-functional CardioSys/CardioSoft platform (Windows NT, 98, 95). The system is delivered with CardioSoft DFT, the module for ambulatory blood pressure analysis. The software is very simple to operate and fulfils all desires with respect to functionality. Whether trends, measurements or statistics – all relevant 24-hour blood pressure measurement data are processed efficiently and displayed in a well-organised manner. All data for a patient are stored in a single database, allowing for very simple connectivity with information systems (e.g., a medical provider’s billing program).
In addition to analysing the data with CardioSoft, they can also be printed directly on an optional printer.